Commercial Property Management

Management Services

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with property owners for more than 50 years overseeing, not only the day-to-day aspects of asset management, but also creating and implementing strategies to protect and grow their investment long-term.

The REA approach: 

Collaborative: The key to our success begins with understanding what success looks like for you. Beyond NOI and occupancy, what is your vision for your investment? What has worked in the past? What didn’t work? All of these questions and more are explored at the start of the relationship.

Responsive: We believe responsiveness is one of the most critical elements in a successful relationship with property owners, tenants and vendors. When you or one of your tenants contacts REA, rest assured that responding is one of our top priorities. Every member of our staff is cross-trained, so you are not relying on one person to respond. Be it routine, essential or urgent matters, our team has your investment covered.

Value-Oriented: When it comes to a property’s budget, there are many ways to spend every dollar. Our goal is to work with you to define how funds can best be invested to meet your goals. We also will identify areas where you can spend a relatively small amount today to avoid a much larger investment down the road. 

Forward Thinking: Attending to today’s needs is important, but so is preparing for tomorrow. One of the ways REA informs this process is by planning for the future based on our extensive knowledge of the past. REA has served clients in the Triangle for more than 50 years – a track record unmatched by most of our competitors. We know today’s market conditions and how they compare to years past—not just from reading a report or looking at statistical trends—but because we experienced them, learned from them and grew. We understand the complexities and local issues that affect everything from signage permits to development and zoning. We didn’t happen upon doing business in the Triangle, we were founded here, and we are part of the fabric that has shaped the area’s success.

Below is a list of the typical property management services, however our responsibilities can be tailored to the specific property and client preferences:

  • Lease administration
  • Tenant relations/communications
  • Routine and preventive maintenance
  • Financial reporting/budgeting 
  • Operating reports and recordkeeping
  • On-site visits
  • Property staffing
  • Scheduled property inspections
  • Security/emergency response planning
  • Capital improvements planning/oversight
  • Management of subcontracted services

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